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About us

The Platteville United Methodist church started in 1863 as a Methodist Society which meet in the homes of its members.  Itinerant clergy would visit the societies and churches at various times as they rode their horses from town to town.  The first record of a pastor having residence in this area was Rev. John L. Dyer, who maintained a house in Evans while he traveled through a four point circuit.

The first big step of faith began in 1881, when Rev. B.B. Dundas was pastor. Through faith, many talents, and gifts, and some help from the Church Extension Society, which loaned the church $500 also provided a matching gift in the same amount, the first one room church, measuring 30 feet by 50 feet was built. The building was dedicated on November 19, 1882 and was furnished and carpeted by the Ladies Aid, whom later also purchased and organ for the church.

The church building has undergone many changes and in 1929 the original wood frame building was torn down.  On May 26, 1929 the cornerstone for the ‘new’ church was laid.  In 2006 a new addition, known as Miller Hall, was added to the church building.

The church’s major focus is not on the church buildings, but rather on the living church – the body of Christ- and the ministry offered to the Platteville community. One of these, the Kings Table, began in 1985 and continued as a weekly meal until 1992 when it became a monthly gathering of seniors who enjoyed a meal prepared by students from the South Valley Middle School. This multi generation meal has changed through the years and is still alive today in our First Friday Meal that is open to the community for a time of fellowship.

Through the years, youth programs, small groups for young families (The Triple T’s) and empty nesters (the 89ers) provided spiritual and social blessings for many in the Platteville Community.  Community outreach is still a main focus of the Platteville United Methodist Church as we strive to reach and help people in the community in any way we can.  

Like the years gone by, you can still find people worshiping in the sanctuary of the Platteville United Methodist Church, helping those in need, singing the praises of God and trying to fully be the hands and feet of Jesus in the Platteville community.

The mission of the Platteville United Methodist Church is to help others discover the love of Christ in their hearts.  We are a warm and welcoming congregation of all ages and back grounds so feel free to come on in and take a look around.  


Our office hours are Wednesday from 1 to 4 pm.  Rev. Daniel Viehland is also the pastor of the Mead United Methodist Church and will be at Ziggis in Mead On Tuesdays from 1 pm till 3 pm. 

Come on by, we'll share a cup of coffee and get to know each other.

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